An electronic tendering solution facilitates the complete tendering process beginning from the receiving and submitting tender-related information, to the placing of the contract online. This includes the exchange of all relevant documents through the internet in the electronic format.

E-Tendering enables firms to be more efficient as paper-based transactions are reduced or eliminated, facilitating for a more speedy exchange of information. It is becoming a successful and efficient sales channel for various organizations.

Businesses using e-Tendering as a service can benefit from significant administrative efficiencies and help ensure competitive pricing for the benefit of both buyers and suppliers. Suppliers get the benefit of an increased customer base. They don’t have to spend time and money tracking down potential customers. They have a brand new sales channel with very little effort and cost. Information pertaining to a secured customer base is available to them at a single click.

The electronic nature of an e-Tender marketplace means that a business never needs to miss an opportunity as they receive an email or SMS alert every time a relevant, new tender is published. Customers can let the suppliers do their research for them. Businesses that respond to the e-Tender will provide information about their products and services, their pricing, and any other information that the customer might need to help them make the purchase. They will normally provide a link to their website and any customer testimonials that might be relevant. Rather than having to search the internet for this type of information, the customer completes one simple web-form and the suppliers do the rest.